Steps of the RAC process

Welcome and file preparation

This step is primarily intended to obtain information on the recognition of acquired competencies process and to enable you to make an informed decision before undertaking the process.

VHere are the actions to be taken at this step:

A RAC counsellor will assist you from the beginning and will remain your resource person throughout the process. Some school boards also provide a SARCA service you will be able to refer to for guidance during this step.

Contact your vocational training centre or school board
How to contact a counsellor and find your program?

Use our:

Search tool
Identify the program of study
Fill in the self-assessment forms
Gather documents  Which documents?
Submit the file to the RAC Service

File analysis

At this step, the RAC counsellor will work on analyzing the documents you have attached to your file. On your side, you can already prepare for the validation interview by re-reading the self-assessment forms that you have filled out.

Validation interview

The interview is a way for you and your RAC team to get to know each other and determine which competencies will be assessed. If you have competencies to acquire, resources will be offered.

The RAC counsellor will sometimes accompany a content specialist, a vocational teacher or a workplace expert related to your field of study. They will ask you questions relating to the profession exercised, your motivations, then will review with you all the questions on the self-assessment forms that you have already filled out.


When an assessment is required for a competency, you will have to:
prepare the proofs of your acquired knowledge according to the options recognition (video, personal production, qualification cards, etc.) determined with the content specialist;
present yourself at the appointed time for a workplace or institutional assessment.

Acquisition of competencies

Following the validation interview, the content specialist may have recommended avenues for you to acquire any missing competencies.
You will discuss your availability with the content specialist.
You will attend the activities required for the acquisition of competencies.