This step is primarily intended to obtain information on the recognition of acquired competencies and to enable you to make an enlightened decision before undertaking the process.


A RAC counsellor will assist you from the outset and will remain your resource person throughout the process.

Some school boards provide a SARCA service you will be able to refer to for guidance during this step.


To assist you during your reflection, we advise you to view the video:


As soon as you have decided to begin the process, you will be asked to fill out some documents described hereunder.


Here are some of the things to do during this step


Gather up documentation in support of your application (certificate of employment, training attestation further to development activities, resume, etc.).

Fill out the self-assessment forms you have been given by the RAC counsellor and attach them to the file.

Forward the complete file to the RAC service with the required supporting documentation such as:

  1. Pieces of ID (birth certificate, citizenship or residency card for immigrants)

  2. Proof of residency status;

  3. School documents (report card, transcript, comparative evaluation for studies done outside Quebec of the MIDI[1] for immigrants, diplomas, etc.).


    Prerequisites are not required for RAC in vocational training but may be for the acquisition of competencies in an educational institution.

[1] Ministère d’immigration diversité et inclusion

At this step, the RAC counsellor will analyze the documents you enclosed with your file. Meanwhile, you can get ready for the validation interview by rereading the self-assessment forms you filled out.

The interview is a means for you and your RAC team to become familiar with each other and gain a better idea of what training you need to acquire a diploma.

The RAC counsellor will sometimes be accompanied by a content specialist who, most of the time, is a vocational training teacher or an expert in your work environment relating to your field of study. They will ask you questions on your trade, your motivations and will review with you all of the questions on the self-assessment forms you have already completed.

When an evaluation is needed to assess a competency, you will have to:

Prepare proof of your acquired competency based on the recognition conditions (video, personal work, competency card, etc.) determined with the content specialist; Come in at a predetermined time for the evaluation at the work site or in the institution.

Following the validation interview, the content specialist may recommend training to obtain the missing competency components.

  1. You will discuss your availability with the specialist.

  2. You will attend any other activity required to acquire the competencies.