To acquire recognition for acquired competencies in

vocational training



What you must to do to benefit from RAC services and what documents you will have to provide


Assistance and support


At the start of the process, you can receive support from the SARCA[1] services of school boards, and the staff of the institution you selected will assign competent resource persons who will help and support you throughout the process.  

[1] Services d’accueil, de référence, de conseil et d’accompagnement (Welcome, reference, advisory and support services)

 1. Prepare the documents needed to analyze your file.

They are as follows:

  • Large-size birth certificate issued by the Directeur de l’État civil. You can order it directly over the internet at the following address:


  • Report cards or transcripts;


  • Resumes;


  • Employer's letter specifying the duration of the employment and the duties performed;


  • Proof of residence in Québec;


  • For immigrants: a document to prove Canadian citizenship or a permanent residency card and a Quebec Selection Certificate or other permits if required.



    You may also be asked to supply the following:


  • Course or training attestations;


  • Course plans for college or university training;


  • Competency cards (e.g. MPSP, Health and Safety, WHMIS, First aid, etc.).

2.     Identify the program for which you would like to gain recognition for acquired competencies and select the educational
        institution that offers these services for the program selected.

The SARCA services at the school boards will provide you these lists.

Schedule a meeting with the RAC counsellor of the educational institution of your choice.